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rentfree aphrodite

this work is from the collection of poems called “living in epiphany” ©2000. to purchase a copy of the book, contact me by email.


Rentfree Aphrodite

we’re living here for nothing
at the Rentfree Aphrodite
and they say the place is haunted
but we’ve no one else to blame;
some people say we’re hopeless
but we’re living on our nightmares
so sit down but keep your shoes on
and I’ll pour a cup of rain.

See, Johnny’s got a problem
says the bottle is his mom
so he drinks her down and throws her up
steals another when she’s gone
and Lucy there has nightmares
they make her roll around the floor
so she spreads her legs for money
but she’s really not a whore
and Doug loves Dave, and Dave loves Barb
and Barb loves everyone
but late at night she sneaks downstairs
and polishes her gun.

we’re living in a pop song
at the Rentfree Aphrodite
but it ain’t Bananarama
and it ain’t Duran Duran
“cos there ain’t no heat or hydro
so the bands have gone acoustic
it’s the fashion in Seattle
so we’ll flog it while we can

We got junkies in the basement
we got pushers on the stairs there’s a necro in the bathroom
having wet dreams ‘cos he cares
for the black-haired vampire siren
who’s been sleeping with the skins
they tattooed her ass last Friday
using ink and safety pins
and Kenny’s sick and Gord’s insane
and Bobby’s on another plane
and Chrissy tries to feed them all
but to Dennis it’s a game.

we’re living in this hellhole
called the Rentfree Aphrodite
‘cos it’s cheap and quick and plastic
and it sells well on the street
we got watches, rings and cd’s
we got credit cards and crack
I can sell you back your wallet
hey – just trying to make ends meet.

You can call them trash and garbage
but to me they’re family
we’ve got morals we’ve got customs
we have our own integrity
and it may not look like much now
but it’s more than what we had
when we came here from wherever
and it really ain’t so bad
if you don’t mind getting cosy
and if you don’t care if it’s clean
then again, it ain’t the Hilton
but that’s really not my scene.

we’re living here for nothing
at the Rentfree Aphrodite
it’s a million miles from heaven
but it ain’t hell all the time
‘cos I’m gonna be a writer
gonna be a big bestseller
gonna buy my own computer
buddy – can you spare a dime?

l.t. dougherty 1996


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