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navigator ii

this work is from the collection of poems called “living in epiphany” ©2000. to purchase a copy of the book, contact me by email.


Navigator II

It was an error of geography.
all my tributaries
flow down
like all roads lead
to you
my Rome
my Eldorado
my Atlantis
the merciless slow waters rising
each hour
each day
and in each moment as I stand
anchored, I drown.

Two islands
each within itself
we thought the water enough
to hold us apart
forgetting as the tides rose and fell
around us
that islands do not float.

But not for us
no lightning flash
to stop us in our footsteps
to burn our shadows on the walls.
we live as San Francisco,
our faults
forever lying under our thoughts
each time our fingers pass our skins
waiting for the spark, the fire
we shudder
and in our love
the earth does move.

l.t. dougherty  1996

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