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this work is from the collection of poems called “living in epiphany” ©2000. to purchase a copy of the book, contact me by email.



it was a long way to hell,
my shoes split
my feet bleeding
but i’ve carried this torch
for years
for just

singing over the dark wires
i mourn the innocence i squandered, carrying bits of myself
in my pocket
my absolution
i would that i could lose
this treasure,
become again
a pauper
with the world
in my hand.

i call you mercury –
winged one,
closed within the box
i carry in my hand –
i would meet with you
in the palace of words,
give to you
no man’s bounty
my only hoard
one woman’s gift.

stranger, with all these people watching
consummation is the furthest
word from my lips;
scarred with lust
i sully the white bandages of my love
with false intentions.

I would take your face
within my palms
kiss your eyes of love
would it not be taken for weakness.

l.t. dougherty 1996

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