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january 2016

I will be exhibiting in this show - Dreams, Fantasies and Reality - Jan. 8 to Feb. 24, 2016

I will be exhibiting in this show – Dreams, Fantasies and Reality – Jan. 8 to Feb. 24, 2016

well, it’s a new year. i’m not really sure where it’s going yet, but i have work up at the tantra lounge in toronto until feb 24. i’m also committing to doing a couple new pieces for the Death Perceptions show in fergus, on…so you will want to keep your eyes open for that one. have some new pieces on the studio table, and we’ll see what happens with them. have a good year everyone!

august 2015

what’s new with me? well, quite a bit. i have moved, and have a new studio room in my apartment now. finally getting back to making some new work now that the kerfluffles have died down. i also joined an artist cooperative gallery that opened up in may, called The Art District Gallery. their website is here, and we have openings once a month, with new work going up for every show.  great group of people, and so far the feedback on the gallery has been great!

i’ll also be taking part in a show called #FFWR (fast forward waterloo region) from Wednesday September 17th – Sunday October 4th, 2015 at The Museum in downtown Kitchener.

and i’m in an exhibition at Walter Fedy called reset:green 2015.  the show runs from Aug 4-Oct 23, 2015 at Walter Fedy, 675 Queen St. S. Suite 111, Kitchener, ON.  there’s a reception on Wed. Sept.16 6-8pm. everyone welcome!

there is also a satellite show at  Cafe Pyrus  in downtown Kitchener for September/October.  check them out at  and come down for a coffee and see the work!

and, i’m doing new work again. yay!

October 2013

well, what hasn’t happened? if you’re reading this, then you’ve found my brand new webpage.  i revamped the whole thing, and also reworked a lot of images, to try to give a better idea of what many of the older pieces look like. unfortunately, some images may still be a bit fuzzy, as the only images i have of some of these works are lower quality (i had a drive crash a few years ago, and lost about 1o years worth of images).  so, brand spanking new website.

i’ve done a few shows since my last news post as well, most notably, BOX 11.  i’ve also joined a new studio (key and compass studio went the way of a bad landlord), at CEI studios, on erb street in waterloo, and have been taking part in open houses there this year.  fun bunch of people there, and great to work with.

i’ve actually got a solo exhibition coming up this month at CEI studios called ‘incidental orphans‘, which is a survey of 20 years of myth cabinets and other works.  none of these works have shown in the KW area ever, and most of them haven’t seen the light of day since 2003.  so if you’ve ever wondered what these things look like in real life, or if you’d like to revisit some of my older work, this would be the time to come out to a show.

i will also be exhibiting a few of the ‘satellite’ series in november at Artisan Zone, on king st. w. in kitchener, and those will be there until january.

there is also one last CEI studios show and sale for the year coming up in november.  check out the slider on my homepage for more details. there are some very good artists in these shows, and it’s a great opportunity to come out and see where we work and talk to us about what we do.

and, i need to do a few thank you’s. so, thank you to lionel, nik & melissa, kati, roz, nicole, and mom and dad. you know who you are, and why.

oh, and you can now link to me and facebook and twitter. share away!