souls in the machine

this is a series of oil portraits that are based on webcam images of people i have met online in a chatroom called Books and Literature.  each portrait is the size of the screen of a 17″ monitor.

the following is the artist statement from the exhibition.

more_secrets_than_fishes (02:10:13 pm):  the internet is a transient medium.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:10:32 pm): people come and go, moving around the web in
seconds, minutes.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:10:54 pm): identity can be fluid, fantastical, and impermanent.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:11:17 pm): when  i first began chatting in 1996,
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:11:24 pm): webcams were few and far between, and many
chat programs did not support  them.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:12:00 pm): i saw my first webcam last fall, and the images i
saw fascinated me.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:14:25 pm): intimate in a way that the camera rarely ever sees,
it gave faces to the ever-changing nics and fonts of the room where i spent much of my time.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:14:28 pm): these portraits are some of the faces of the people
i have come to know over the last two years in the books & literature rooms of yahoo.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:14:35 pm): art, like life, is not created in a vacuum.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:14:41 pm): there are many people i would like  to thank for their
help, support, and participation in this project.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:14:58 pm): first, i want to thank every single person who sat for
these portraits, or sent me images to paint. there will be more portraits done, as time permits.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:15:16 pm): and i would also like to thank matt horst, shirley baker,
my mother, shelley featherstone, frank groenstege of kober computers, and beth and
randy stewart for their assistance.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:16:17 pm): i would also like to especially thank kimik335kimik,
gwenofth and colormusic for their unending support and companionship.
more_secrets_than_fishes (02:16:39 pm): havahappy



  1. mary says:

    well you know i love all of these too!

  2. DferPolarBear says:

    Fantastic, but wot no DFER!

    • l.t. dougherty says: (Author)

      thanks, bud….but i don’t think you had a cam when i was doing these? i may pick up the series again sometime….i have been thinking about that.

  3. Sweaty_Cock_and_Balls says:

    How cool. Some of these folks I hadn’t seen before. Wonder how they’re doing, hoping for the best.

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