this series was a collaborative work between myself and 7 other local artists: James Nye, Nancy Yule, Diana Erb, Nancy Peng, Pamela Rojas, Ralf Wall (Raflar) and Meghan Sims.

The premise was simple: i would produce 7 original panels, and hand them off to be completed by my collaborators, to be exhibited together at the #Exnovation exhibition at the Museum in downtown Kitchener.  what was unexpected for me was the difficulty i had in parting with the panels, which gave me the name for the series – release.

in turning the panels over to these artists, i relinquished control of the project, even waiting to see the completed works until the opening night. a remarkably nerve-wracking proposition for me. what i saw when i finally did see them together was amazing. each work is beautiful in its own right, but as a group, the works interacted with each other, was unexpected.

there are a couple of easter eggs for me as well – ralf painted 2 figures in his piece that echo the figures in my painting, and the first line in a letter written in nancy yule’s work says ‘thank you for playing with me.’.

i specifically invited artists to the project whose work was very different from mine, in order to see if the panels would provide the visual cohesion. the end result, you can decide for yourself, but in my mind it’s one of the most successful projects i’ve participated in.


to see more of their art, visit the links below:

James Nye    Nancy Yule    Diana Erb    Nancy Peng   Pamela Rojas      Ralf Wall       Meghan Sims