random thread

this series is about the internet. specifically, this series is inspired by chatrooms on the internet, and the microcosm that one specific set of chatrooms has become. i have always wanted to create a series that reflects the diversity of the language, themes, and interpersonal dynamics of the wide range of personalities that assemble in an online space in order to type back and forth to each other. by working with random pieces of a set of 1942 american encyclopedias, and the images in them, i have tried to encompass not only the seemingly random statements, questions and images that you would encounter at any particular time within this environment, but also the threads that run between conversations that can take place over hours, days and months. it is a remarkably fertile ground for the subconscious imagination, and to this end, i have tried to work these images instinctively, rather than deliberately. they are numbered, instead of names, in order to continue with the anonymous feeling of random chat.

this series will be travelling to the 10th annual collage exhibition & exchange in new zealand, to exhibit in new zealand and texes, usa before being randomly exchanged with other participants in the exchange from around the globe. which is very appropos.



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