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February 2011

it’s been a busy year, so here’s a recap.

for those of you who are following me on facebook – thank you! i find it much easier to maintain on a regular basis than this webpage, so you will probably be the people who see the new work first. i have updated thios page though, so all my new works are here now.

the first new piece was one called ‘laundry’, made from a child’s bed headboard, veneer, and oils. thank you to my lovely model from next door who hung sheets for me in her rubber boots in january to get the lighting right.

i also started a new series last year called ‘the studio series‘, and it’s a group of sculptural box works, like a doll-house version of the studio, inspired by another neighbour who moved away last summer. there will be 7 in the series, and also another work called ‘portrait of the artist as a concept’, which was created for the ‘portrait of the artist’ online exhibition based in Taranaki, NZ. this work was one of the 25 chosen for the permanent online exhibition, and is also in the catalogue. links to the permanent exhibiton and catalogue are here.

i also finished another series to go to the 13th annual collage exhibition and exchange in taranaki again this year, and this time, it’s personal. the series, that is. i’m hoping the people who get them in the exchange will like them, as i haven’t worked in images like this since college, when i made a conscious decision to stop making work that was graphically disturbing. however, this particular series felt ‘necessary’ for me, so it now exists. you can find out more about the collage exchange here, and images of the series are here.

so at this point, i am working on more pieces for the studio series, and also hope to start the real work on the large sculptural painting ‘walking out of fairyland’, which i spent last year stripping down 2 large wooden doors for. and i want to start doing some small watercolour scultpures as well. and if all goes well, i won’t lose my outdoor studio this summer (the landlord wants to build an addition there).

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