deadweight / reservoir / not waving

these works are three of my larger scale pieces.

‘deadweight’ is a large sculpture made of cedar, metal and etched glass. inspired by a scene from a book by Michael Ondaatje called “the English Patient”, i chose to rework the image to express the nature of guilt, a subject i have worked for in many other works. i think this work was the most successful description, however.

‘reservoir’ is a glass work, a house of estched glass filled with fist sized stones. concerning the harbouring of resentment, it is best seen from all sides, and has text etched into the one side of the glass house.

‘not waving’ is a work created in response to a group show concept initiated by Aidan Urquhart, about artists who collect things (not for art). since i am well known to my colleagues as a collector of all sorts or weird stuff, i decided to work with my collection of blue and clear glass bottles (now approx. 150 or so). the work is concerned with issues of addiction and alcoholism, and in the work, the paper hands are the ASL symbols spelling out the words “help me i’m drowning”.


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